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Giải Pháp Tổng Thể


  • Maximise production levels by increasing installation availability and quality
  • Improve your OPEX by providing a roadmap to optimise your operations and maintenance
  • Prioritise your electrical installation investments and optimise your CAPEX
  • Increase safety reduce levels of electrical risks
  • Predict failures & act before they happen
  • Replicate some or all recommendations on other sites within your organizationPic 1.1MP4 deliverables4 improvement plans including critical safety issues

Pic 1.2

Maintenance Plan

@ A description of the level of maintenance to be performed

@ The stress and reliability levels of critical devices

@ A strategy for the maintenance plan schedule

Pic 1.3

Modernisation Plan

@ A list of equipment at the end of its service life and proposals of available retrofit solutions

@ Advice on improving installation performance

@ Suggestions on how to adapt your installation to meet your new business requirements

Pic 1.4

Monitoring Plan

@ A predictive approach to anticipate potential device failure

@ Energy quality and availability indicators

@ Opportunities for energy savings in relation to the various solutions deployed

Pic 1.5

Management Plan

The plan outlines recommendations targeting:

@ The safety of people working on the equipment

@ Service contracts with respect to your subcontracting policy

@ Management of spare parts

@ Competency management including expertise and training

@ Data management through direct access to the Schneider Electric expert system

The MP4 report allows you to identify critical safety issues such as:

@ Incorrect breaking capacity

@ Absence of interlocking devices

@ Inappropriate protection of people

@ Unprotected access to live parts, etc.